Friday, October 1, 2010

Special Teachers for special children

I just saw a post on Facebook that reminded me it is Special Education week.  For those of you who don't have special needs kids this doesn't mean a thing to you, but for those of us who do these teachers are AWESOME!  We've had experience with special ed teachers and they are something special.  To have the desire to help children who are not "normal" in their ability to learn or interact takes a person above and beyond most of us.
Without these teachers our children would not have the opportunity to learn and be involved in normal, everyday activities like school.  It gives the child a chance to interact with other people and it gives their caregiver at home a little break in their day.  This can mean so much more than anyone can ever know.  Caring for a special needs child is challenging and tiring.  But so rewarding...I wouldn't change it for a minute!   
I've heard people say that they don't know why some parents send their special needs child to school-especially the ones that don't appear to be "teachable".  No one ever knows the value of an education for a child.  Even if we don't think they are learning anything (and they may not be) the interaction and change of scenery alone is enough to make a drastic difference for some children.
I believe that the most severe needs children will be taken to heaven upon their departure from this world.  There they will be whole and new...and who's to say that they won't remember the teacher that took time to teach them and love them when no one else saw the need? 
We are blessed that Sam's CP is mild, but my niece has severe disabilities.  I choose to believe that she KNOWS what is going on around her and she KNOWS where she is and who is caring for her.  I don't want to get to heaven one day and see her but she doesn't recognize me because I didn't think she could know me here on earth (does that even make sense?).
My point in this rambling is that our special needs children are special no matter how mild or severe their disabilities and the teachers that care and teach them are out of this world!  And we want to say Thank You!

"On that day the deaf will hear the words of a book,
And out of their gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see.
The afflicted will also increase their gladness in the Lord,
And the needy of mankind will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel."
Isaiah 29:18-19

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findingpiece said...

Oh YOU have blessed my heart!! :) Please check out my blog too!! You might enjoy what I have to say. I think we are "sisters". You wrote my heart, girl! :) My son has autism, and let me just sentiments exactly!