Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pictures of Grace...

Over at Chatting at the Sky today a picture parade of grace is being held.  This picture represents grace to me in so many ways...the grace that was extended to us when He led us to Zach and made him part of our forever family..the child of my heart.  The grace that this mama extends by letting this boy keep all this HAIR!

And this one...grace that He gave us when He blessed us with a child from my body...a child that is not perfect physically but is on so many other levels...the innocence!


And last but not least this one....the grace extended to me when I was laying in a hospital bed in pre-term labor at 34 weeks...the promise He gave me that all would be well...what else can I say?


emily freeman said...

There is nothing more to say, you are so right. Perfect. And I love how you called today a "picture parade of grace." That's just what it is!

Emily said...

Sleeping babies have grace all over them. Love!