Monday, August 20, 2012


Ha!  I've gotta start this off with a laugh (mainly to keep from crying in my keyboard), but it's been so long since I've posted I couldn't even figure out how to get to the 'compose' page :)
Now that we've cleared that up-  Hello fellow bloggers!  I've been out of the loop for nearly 9 months now.  I had to cut something out of my hectic life or go crazy and blogging was the one to go.  I must say I'm busier now than before, but I couldn't let this milestone in our lives pass by without marking it in some way...
Tomorrow is a big day in the Morrison house-  sweet Sam starts kindergarten.  Those four words make me proud and nauseated at the same time.  This is a day we prayed would come, but one we also prayed would tarry as long as possible.  However, time is one thing we have no control over and it continues to pass on-so here we are.  Our Sam has progressed beyond expectations with his Cerebral Palsy.  He is walking 100% on his own, no walker, and he's pretty much independent with toileting and eating.  He still needs help getting his pants straight, but don't most guys?  His limited menu is expanding weekly- we're now into grilled cheese sandwiches and Lucky Charms with milk
Over the past few weeks, I've come to realize this moment is one of those moments.  One of those in which you have to forge on ahead, whether you want to or not, trusting God to carry you and your loved one in His hands because you have NO control over the situation.  As a Mama, control of one of your babies is not something you want to let go of, but in order for them to fulfill their God-given destiny-you have to.  It's not easy, but nothing about this journey with our Sam has been.  I know God gave us Sam for a reason.  He gave me the name Samuel and the story in the Bible illustrating Hannah's love for her son is a perfect example for me.  It gives me comfort.  She asked for a son, then pledged him to God.  She followed through on her promise and I desire to do the same.  I am sure our Sam is destined for great things as well.

Sam and Clemson player Sammy Watkins 8/19/2012
When asked how he wanted his hair cut, Sam said, "I want
it to look like Sammy Watkins."