Monday, June 24, 2013

James 127 Project

You've still got time to get involved.  We're kicking things off Friday morning around 8:30.  We'll be back at it again Saturday at 8:30.  The goal is to have the bathroom ripped out and new flooring, plumbing and at least the toilet in by Saturday night.  Those of you who know Jon knows this goal will be attained before he goes to bed Saturday.  If you want to participate, meet at 301 Alewine Road Belton, SC 29627 (Jon and Allison's home) by 8:30 either day and we'll travel about 1/2 mile to the project site.
If you want to donate $$$, it can be sent to the above address or if you want to make a tax-detuctible donation money can be sent to:  3000 Midway Road Anderson, SC 29621 *designate James 127 Project*
This project will benefit a widow in our Wright School/Craytonville Community.  There is definitely seeds to be planted, both literally and spiritually.  Please consider joining us as reach out to this sweet lady with the love of Jesus. 
There is only so much room in the bathroom, although hands will be needed to move material as it's being removed.  All additional helpers will be put on landscape duty :)  There is plenty to do! 
We'll supply water, Gatorade, and lunch both days.

Here's the back story on how this project came to be...
Jon and I had just gotten back Wed. morning from serving in Moore OK with Samritan's Purse.  Our neighbor (who just lost her husband in Feb. after a prolonged illness) pulled up in the yard and Jon went out to meet her.  She asked if he'd come look at her home to see if he thought he could do anything to make it livable so she could stay there.  He goes and what he finds is way more than he expected...
 Shower, can't be used
 Toilets useable, but no power in bathroom
This is the bathroom open to outside
So...coming from OK working with folks to clean up their homes which had been decimated by an act of God to seeing this widow's living situation that we could actually fix for her--well, it was a no-brainer.  Jon told her not to worry, he'd get it done. For free.  Free.
I don't know about you, but we don't have $2000 sitting around.  But we both know this was our "one" God had put in our path, the "one" we were supposed to help.  We can't help every single person in the world that has a need, but we can do something for just "one".
As we mentioned the project to others, they jumped on board to help.  People have donated time, talents and money.  We are halfway (I think) to our goal of $2000.  Any $$ we collect over what the cost of the remodel is will go directly to the homeowner to use for groceries or other needs.  Did I mention this lady has no job and gets no income from her deceased husband (no SS)?!
Again, if you have questions as to who the homeowner is contact me directly via Facebook or at and I'll give you the info.  I asked her permission to share about the project without using her address or name.
Join us, it's going to be awesome!!

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