Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our journey to find our son...

My Father-in-law asked me yesterday if I had a story about Zach's adoption journey.  I said sure, somewhere.  Well, I found this that I wrote I guess about 3 or 4 years ago.  Enjoy!!

He has made everything beautiful in its time…’ Ecc. 3:11
We adopted our son, Zachary, from Guatemala in January 2005. We were told by doctors that we couldn’t have biological children without medical intervention. Our faith in God was tested and proven true many times as we waited for our promised child. Below is just a little of our story to find Zachary that we’d like to share…

As I was sitting in the fertility specialists office one afternoon, a bright orange flier caught my eye. I picked it up and it was information about an upcoming adoption seminar.
I went on to the appointment and talked with the specialist about different types of medical interventions, but the entire time, I had a sense of uneasiness. I went home and immediately contacted the adoption agency that a co-worker was using. I got the information in hand and confronted my husband with it. He was open to the idea of adoption, as neither one of us was too sure about the medical intervention route.
We looked through the material and both decided on Guatemala (without the other one knowing). We went to an adoption meeting and the next week had our fingerprints completed and started the paperwork. Thus began a long road that changed our entire family for the rest of our lives. We thought that adoption would be easy…boy were we ever wrong. If it could go wrong, it did!
During this time my husband’s mother, our rock, was diagnosed with lymphoma. We were sure she was going to beat it and were looking forward to welcoming Zach home together. As it turned out, God had a different plan. Mimi passed away 6 days before we traveled to get Zach. We love our son and are so awed that God would entrust his care to us, but he has also been a healing balm for our entire family as we travel this life without Mimi.
As we look back over the course our adoption took us through, we are amazed by how God was at work the entire time. There are things that happened that without a doubt were from God. His timing was perfect. Even though we questioned every delay and agonized over it, He knew what He was doing. Zachary is a gift to us and everyone around him. We thank God everyday for His goodness to us.

In closing, I’d like to share a few things that God gave me as a tangible expression of His love and kindness…
         His Purpose
As we are here waiting for you,
We pray daily for God to see us through.
This journey is for Him and His glory,

For we know that He is giving us an awesome story-
One to share with others who come behind,
A journey to shed His Light to those who are blind.
To His purpose, His lovingkindness, mercy, and grace.
His love shines down upon our face…
All we must do is open our hearts
And receive His life into our deepest part.
He will fill us with Himself, His best
And there we will find our peace and rest.

          An Angel Smiles
An angel smiled the day you were born,
Upon my heart your name was worn.
Big brown eyes and a smile so sweet,
Surely you are the one for me.

All that stands in our way to each other,
Is a vast ocean that a plane will have to cover.
So I learn about you from strangers and pictures,
Couldn’t this journey be a little easier?

God has set me upon this path,
Perhaps I should step back and relax.
He has everything under control,
For his plans are for good, not evil.

So here I am, waiting, but not alone,
For the day another angel will smile
Because God has led you home.

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April 1, 2004

Zachary Carlos Morrison
Gotcha Day
January 5, 2005
Zach September 2010

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