Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Resting at Daddy's Feet

'And the kingdom of Jehoshaphat was at peace, for his God had given him rest on every side.'       2 Chronicles 20:30 

Where is the place that you go to feel safe?  As a child, anywhere my daddy would be was my safe place.  I was afraid of the dark, but I knew if I went to sleep while my daddy was still awake he would be able to keep the bad guys away and I could sleep in peace.  I can remember some nights when I would lay down with my Daddy until my Mom came to bed.  How safe I felt, how peaceful, and how protected.  Now, as an adult, it really isn't appropriate for my to find my rest with my Daddy.  Or is it?

Depends on which Daddy you're referring to.  My Father, my Abba Daddy, is where I can find my peace and rest now.  He is who I run to when I am afraid or I need a Protector.  My Abba Father is the one who's feet I long to sit at, lay my head down, and rest.  He also longs for me to come to Him.  He wants to bear my burdens and hold me up with His righteous hands.  He wants me to gain my strength from Him.

Do you know who Jehoshaphat is?  I didn't until I met him in a Beth Moore Bible Study.  I am by no means an Old Testament scholar, but Jehoshaphat was king of Judah during a tumultuous time for the people of God.  Jehoshaphat was a Godly king and followed the commands of God.  There is an awesome prayer recorded in 2 Chronicles 20 that Jehoshaphat cried out to God on behalf of his people.  My verse came in response to what God did in answer to the cry of Jehoshaphat.  He was surrounded on every side and there seemed to be no rest in sight for his kingdom.  He was desperate for God and his help.  Just like we are at times in our lives.  There seems to be stuff coming at us from all sides and all we want to do is just rest from the battle.

I challenge you to cry out to God like Jehoshaphat did in 2 Chronicles.  Then crawl up to Daddy's feet, lay your head down, and rest...

'And Allison was at peace, for her God had given her rest on every side.'



Allison said...
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Heidi said...

Oh, I love this! I want to be at peace with His rest on every side...

Lisa notes... said...

I want to rest at Abba's feet too. Beautiful.

Merissa said...

I found your blog on Faithbarista.
My name's Merissa.
Thank you so much for this reminder of that awesome part of Scripture.
I really needed to read that and see again how faithful God is.
I love how the singers went ahead and praised God for his love, before the battle even took place!

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

I've been there Allison.. And He always responds. He is truly ever-faithful, and whether or not we agree with or understand His answers, those answers are still there.

Have a Blessed Day!

Katie said...

Beautiful resting at Daddy's feet... or in my case my "Opa."

Sheryl said...

A lovely post and a great reminder. Thanks.