Friday, November 4, 2011

5 Minute Friday: REMEMBER

The winner of A Christmas Lodge is Eileen from The Scenic Route-email me your address @!  I had to revise the way I chose a winner...I closed my eyes and pointed-not very original, but the other way didn't work either!

Linking up with Gypsy Mama again today for another 5 minute Friday.  This is a place where you just write for 5 minutes, no editing, no profound long-thought out writing...just from the heart.  Today's topic:  REMEMBER.

Remember the days when you couldn't do anything for youself?  When mommy had to feed you, dress you, and change you?  Those days are passing quickly for babies aren't quite babies anymore.

You, my oldest, don't need mommy to do much of anything for you-except feed you sometimes when we are in a hurry :)

My precious middle proud I am not to have to do as much for you these days.  You are gaining strength and independence every day.  We praise God for the miracle He has worked in your life.  We know He'll continue to be faithful.

And my baby.  What can I say?  You came into this world six weeks early as a scrawny, wrinkly, but oh so cute little fellow.  You have turned into a whirlwind, surpassing our imaginations as to how a 15 month old boy should act.  We finally had to put the cabinet locks, the ones which have been in the drawer for 7 years, on.  I actually have contemplated the 'baby-backpack leash'.

Remember these days.  They will soon pass and all we'll have are the memories.  Thank You, Father for the blessings of these boys you have given to me.  May I always remember.


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redemptionsbeauty said...

Allison, Was thinking some of those same thoughts in my post today. How life goes by so quickly but we hold memories in our heart of His faithfulness along the journey. Blessings to you as you raise those three boys! said...

I love how you remember each child. That's so lovely. They grow up so fast.


Lisa said...

Beautiful memories of each of your boys, Allison. :)

Crystal Mary said...

Your children are beautiful. You are a blessed Mummy. xx

Heidi said...

Love reading about your love for your boys... beautiful :)