Monday, September 12, 2011

Make Me an Also

I don't know if any of you had the opportunity to attend the Beth Moore simulcast this past Saturday, but it was an awesome event.  The Holy Spirit was all over the 180,000 women (and a few brave men).  The air was thick with Him, pressing down, opening us, and filling us up with Himself.  It was a sweet time with some precious sisters!

Beth was teaching from Luke and Acts and I can't even begin to recap half of what she said, but I did want to share a few highlights that have stuck with me.  How the woman can see the things she does in Scripture is beyond me-it's got to be the Spirit, there is no other explanation.  She pointed out the fact Luke was a second generation Christian.  He did not see Jesus for himself, but he tells us in Luke 1 that he had thoroughly investigated Jesus and it seemed good to him also to write of his findings.  This is one case where you want to be an 'also'.  You don't want to be the forerunner, the leader, or the commander.  You want to be included in the crowd (of believers) as an also!

She also pointed out where Luke joined Paul in Acts.  I had no idea and would've probably never noticed it, but if you read Acts 16:8-10 the wording suddenly changes from they to we.  The previous 15 chapters were told from the viewpoint of they, then BOOM, there he is.  And he stayed with Paul until the very end of his life.  It is believed he penned Paul's final letter to Timothy.  Luke was Paul's BFF.  Who knew?  Maybe you did, but I hadn't a clue.

I love learning about the history of the church.  If I were rich, I'd go back to college and take Bible classes.  Until the money tree in the backyard starts producing, I'll have to settle for folks like Beth who have been led by the Spirit to teach those like me!


Lindsay said...


Jenifer said...

I was so wanting to see the simulcast but didn't get to. Beth has a great way of teaching the Word.

Heidi said...

Wow, great insight, I didn't know either! I love Beth Moore, she is an anointed woman!

Lisa said...

Ok, don't shoot me or gasp, but I have never read a Beth Moore book, done one of her teachings or even heard her speak. I have heard of her though. ;) I was aware of these facts you pointed out, maybe heard them from someone like Max Lucado. I love discovering new truths like these from the Word - and I want to be an also too. :)

Tracy said...

Hi Allison - its always eye-opening to learn something about the times of the bible. gives it depth and makes it more real. Great post
God bless

Crystal Mary said...

Yes Luke was a doctor and an academic, and as such he had to be precise and concise.
Matthew, and Mark also wrote from accounts, I see the three as reporters.
But John, was Jesus cousin. His mother was Salome the sister of Mary, the mother of Jesus. He was also Jesus beloved friend (last supper) and when Jesus died on the cross he gave Mary over to John's care.
John the Baptist was also Jesus cousin, but a different John, he was Mary's cousin Elizabeths son.
Some customs have many in one extended family with the same name. My first husband was Italian so my first son and daughter were named after my in-laws. Because they had a few children, we ended up with five Peter's and five Femia's..Can you imagine? I gave my children second names to distinguish them. Studying the bible, and then allowing the Holy Spirit to feed and teach as you chew it over, assists in the knowledge.

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

I wasn't aware of the simulcast Allison, but it sounds like a wonderful experience and a treasure trove of Biblical insight. I've actually been doing more and more research into the origins of the Scriptures I read; the people, places, original language nuances, etc. It's fascinating how so many things have completely different meanings when placed in proper contexts.

Thank you for sharing!

Have a Blessed Day!

Kelli said...

Yes Luke was a friend I would like to have...vising Paul in jail, never leaving his side, exposed to ridicule and persecution! "We" is so much better than "they." Beth is awesome! Didn't see it but heard it was always..:)