Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nothin' to Say

I have started this post about 4 times now and haven't found a beginning I am satisfied with yet.  Hhhmmm....what do you say when you have nothing to say?  I know-NOTHING!  Our little family is busy with school, therapy, bible studies, new children's ministry, mission projects, house cleaning/reorganizing (thanks to FLYlady-you really need to check her out if you haven't yet), working, dog-sitting...the list goes on. 

Speaking of dog-sitting, we were asked by our dear friends to watch their chocolate lab while they went on an extended trip.  The hubby didn't realize when he committed exactly how long said trip would be (3 weeks).  Now, don't get me wrong, I love a dog and helping a friend as much as the next gal, but did you see my list above?  We got the dog on Friday and by Saturday afternoon, Cocoa was MIA. 

We let our friends know the dog was missing and suddenly everyone knew, even the preacher.  I'm thinking even a prayer chain was started.  My kids were praying for the dog, even I was praying for it by this time.  She was MIA until Monday evening when the hubby found her down the road barking at the neighbor's chickens (that is like a federal offense in these parts).  God answered our prayers about something so silly as a missing dog. 

Well, it wasn't silly to us, but in the scheme of His ruling the creation and such, it was pretty insignificant.  I love that.  The fact He would take time out of His greatness to answer the prayers of His smallest children!  I have answered my question of what to say when you have nothing to say-start thanking Him and you'll find a blessing to share with others!!


Lisa said...

That's great, Allison! Even we feel like we have nothing to say, we can always begin to praise, because God is always good. :) Glad you found the dog. God cares about it all.

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Funny enough Allison, with all the wondrous Blessings God brings to our lives, I don't think any of us will run out of things to praise Him for!


Have a Blessed Day!

Heidi said...

Love it Allison! Praising the Lord that Cocoa was found among many other things :) Blessings!

Tracy Teppler said...

Hi Allison - my dilemma was what to pray or do in a situation and felt no answer, so like you, I decided to start saying thank you! I have got to say, that all the lovely bloggy ladies are definitely helping me to live a better, fuller, deeper, life in God! Thank you
God bless

Eileen said...

Great reminder, Allison. When we think we have nothing to say...gratitude is the BEST place to start. Glad you found the pooch! :)

Nancy Jensen said...

Happy you found the dog. God is good ALL the time.

You are a blessing to others! Thanks for sharing!