Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earth Shakin'

If you live on the East Coast, undoubtedly you felt the earth move under your feet today.  Some of you may not have, depending on how far out you were from the epicenter of the quake, but I felt it in Anderson, SC.  And I did NOT like it.  I wasn't really sure what I was feeling.  I was sitting in a chair and suddenly had this swaying sensation.  Very slight, but noticeable.  I got up and leaned against the counter, thinking maybe I was getting sick or something.  The thought entered my mind, "Oh my goodness, I think this is an earthquake."  My boss came around the corner and said, "Can you feel that?"  YES!  I could, and thank God I wasn't crazy.

Next, I am ashamed to say, I somewhat panicked.  I knew one of my kids was at school, but the other two were with my mom in the YMCA at swim therapy.  I called her and said, "the earth is shaking, get out of the pool!"  Not my finest moment.  I grabbed my purse, ready to make a mad dash out the back door should the shaking return.  This mama was getting to her kiddos.  Looking back, I am so irritated with myself.  Where was my faith?  How could I let Satan get all over me like that?  I already battle fear with tornado's, tsunamis, but now earthquakes too?  UUGGHHHH!!!

Then, He reminded me, as He always will if we let Him, that He had it all under control.  He knew this would happen today.  He knew how I would react, but He gave me a verse last week to show me He is right here.
Isaiah 54:10:
'Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken, nor my covenant of peace be removed', says the Lord, who has compassion on you.
I can now say I have heard the voice of God.  He knew.  He knew me.  And He blessed me with this verse and the comfort of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is here.  In the midst of the madness, He is here to take my hand and lead me through.  Not only me, but my family who trusts in Him also.

So, while I am not a big fan of the earth shakin' stuff, I can rest and know that His unfailing love for me will NOT be shaken.  He will remain compassionate to me in all things.  Rest...peace...be still and know He is my God.


Lisa said...

Love this, Allison, "So, while I am not a big fan of the earth shakin' stuff, I can rest and know that His unfailing love for me will NOT be shaken." Amen!

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

As you know Allison, we had the effects here as well. As I've never experienced one before, it did bring that moment of uncertainty and fear to me as well. Thankfully, God knew we'd react that way and made sure His Presence was felt as quickly as we opened our hearts to Him.

Have a Blessed Day!

Jenifer said...

"So, while I am not a big fan of the earth shakin' stuff, I can rest and know that His unfailing love for me will NOT be shaken." LOVE this!!! I hate to admit, but I tend to panic in situations like this as well. Though in Kansas we don't have earthquakes, but things of the like frighten me. God always reminds me He is there. Great post!

Eileen said...

My husband felt it at his work here in Eastern NC. He called me and said..."Did you feel that?" I said, "Feel what?" 30 minutes down the road and I felt nothing. Crazy. I felt one years ago when I was visiting a brother living in San Diego. His house was on stilts and it swayed all over the place. After the experience, I asked him....why on earth do you live HERE?! So glad God was able to use the situation to remind you that you can trust Him :)

Heidi said...

We were experiencing strong earthquakes here over several months a few years ago and we were all panicking. People were saying to fill your trucks with water and some clothing and not to park in the garage, just in case your house caved in! Crazy. Well, before we knew it they just stopped... and life returned to normal. What did all that worry do for us? Nothing. Just like you said, God had it all under control and we were spinning all out of control! Glad your safe and putting all your trust in Him :)

My daily walk in His grace! said...

Hi Allison - I've never felt an earthquake, it must be quite terrifying for a mom because like you, I'd want to go gather all the baby chicks. But how like God to give you such an awesome scripture BEFORE the time.
Great post

Crystal Mary said...

Oh my. I cannot believe how Christian think alike, even from across the world! I knew nothing about your earth quake tremour today..and yet I also wrote of peace and fear.
It is so easy to give way to the fears of this world..to panic and depend on ourselves instead of God the creator. And I know how scary an earth quake is. I pray all goes well for you there..and no more occure.. Just rest in Him, who loves you.

Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

So glad I found your blog through ~Sweet Blessings~ ! I thought I was getting sick when I slightly felt the tremor here in Greenville, SC. CRAZY!! I was a bit disappointed in myself as well by the way I reacted to it all! Thank you for this reminder! I look forward to following you!