Monday, October 17, 2011

Get Thee Up!

'And the LORD said unto Joshua, Get thee up; wherefore liest thou thus upon thy face?' 
Joshua 7:10 (KJV)

I don't usually prefer the King James version of the bible, mainly because I can't understand it, but I love this verse in the KJV translation.  Joshua is lying on the ground, wallowing in the dirt, crying out to God in his self-pity after Israel's first defeat.  And what does God say?  He doesn't coddle him or tell him he deserves his pity party...He tells him to 'get thee up'.  Have you ever been there?

We are doing Beth Moore's study of David (the re-vamped version) and the lesson this week used Joshua 7:10 and illustration.  She was teaching on Spiritual Warfare and I knew she was talking to me.  Isn't it great how God talks to us and even better when we listen?

She gave 4 bullet points based on 'get thee up' which pertain to us today.  In order to fight our enemy effectively we must:
1)  Wake up!  You can get up before the alarm, when it first sounds, or hit the snooze--wake early!
2)  Look up!  What is most important in your life?
3)  Stand up!   When you've done all you can...then stand.
4)  Dress up!  Put on your armor because you are a warrior called by God!
Simple, but oh so effective in the fight we face every day.  A fight for our testimony, our joy, our family, or anything else Satan desires to target in our lives.  He is not stupid.  He knows exactly where to push your buttons to make you ineffective.  Don't give him an inch...if you do, he'll be a ruler.  Get thee up, now!!


Jenifer said...

Love this!

Lisa said...

Wake up, look up, stand up, and dress up. So good, Allison!

Kelli said...

I love that! That verse in Joshua is so powerful! When I am on my face in despair, I like reciting that verse! God wasn't putting upnwith Joshua's non-sense and he won't put up with ours either!;) love Beth Moore,,,

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

It sounds like a great study Allison, and those are some very powerful points to remember.

Great encouragement!

Have a Blessed Day!

Ken said...

Hi Allison,
I like that, when down in a pity party, "Get thee up."

Tracy said...

Hi Allison - I love this, so practical
God bless

Heidi said...

Wonderful points and encouragement Allison, thank you for sharing!