Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Minute Friday: CATCH

Linking up today with Gypsy Mama for 5 minute Friday, a place where you just write what is on your mind for 5 unedited minutes.  Of course, sometime those 5 minutes are broken up over the course of boys rolling, fighting, screaming, and needing Mommy-but who's counting?


Do you remember the days of being a carefree little girl, running through the yard playing catch me if you can?  I do.  I was the one who always got caught, but I gave a good chase, I think.  Our sweet Sam has Cerebral Palsy and he is at the age of playing those childhood games.

Only he can't keep up with the other kids.  He told us on the way home last night from big brother's soccer game that he couldn't run, everyone was faster than him-then the biggie--WHY?  What do you say to that?  The other kids are just older than you.  But that is a lie.  The fact is, he just can run as fast, and at this point they will always catch him.  I don't know why, that's just the way it is.

That is what I wanted to say, but as Mommy and heart-healer, I couldn't.  When he said the same thing again this morning, his Mommy reminded him that not to long ago we didn't think he'd even be able to walk.  But he can and he can run.  Not very fast, but he can run.  Mommy reminded him this is the way Jesus made him and He loves him just like he is....and so does Mommy and Daddy.

So it doesn't matter if he can't outrun everyone else and they always catch him, it is what he CAN do that matters.  And in Christ, he can do anything he wants.


This is what happens when you play one 'Catch' game to many!
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ells said...

HI neighbor...oh how this touches my heart...I love the wisdom and beauty you spoke into your son.

Kelly said...

wow! that is amazing. Praise God. Your belief and faith has caught the heart of God. He will do miracles- like He already has done. Wow.

Janelle said...

I love your post and the positive outlook you have on life and that you are passing on to your son. He is so blessed to have you as his mom.

Eileen said...

GREAT post, Allison. You spoke right to my heart. :)

Tracy said...

Hi Allison - powerful words that you spoke over your son. I pray God's blessing over you and your family.
God bless

Lisa said...

Love this post, Allison! Many blessings!

Heidi said...

What a wonderful mommy you are! Sweet Sam... it makes me ache for him, but you know what... we ALL have something that makes us "feel" different, or that we're not measuring up. Thank you Lord that you fill the gaps in our lives and give us all the significance we need. Have an awesome weekend with your family Allison!

Dolly @ Soulstops said...

I loved the words of love and truth that you spoke to your beautiful Sam. Beautiful!


Jenifer said...

Loved your post on catch! God has a plan for your son's life. And through Christ, Sam can do anything!

Pamela said...

Oh bless your momma heart. I know this hurts. But God gave you so much wisdom. Your answer came from God. He has a special plan for each of us. He surely used your son to remind me of that.

Kelli said...

This is great encouragement! We can do all things through Christ! "Everything is possible for the one who believes," Mark 9:23