Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finding Wisdom in Walmart

'Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will.'    Romans 12:2 NIV

Our local Walmart is notorious for only having one or two registers open at any given time on a Friday night.  As you probably know everybody and their mama thinks that dinner at Golden Corral and then a trip to Walmart is the only thing going on in a small town on the weekend.  So you can imagine the length of said lines.  In order to pass the time I must confess that my eyes do wander over to the magazine rack.  Then out of sheer boredom I find my hands reaching for the latest gossip magazine which I can't help but open because I have to see if what the cover says is true.  I mean, do these people really live like that?  According to the gossip they do.  And I must say that it is just plain sad...and somewhat disgusting really.

I ask myself is this who our young people are aiming to be like?  Are they wanting money and possessions and husbands and non-husbands?  Do they really see what chasing after this world will bring them?  This leads to the question:  what are we doing as the body of believers to change their perception?  Are we showing them Jesus and His grace?  Or are we showing them legalism and condemnation because of their failures?
If we can show them how to renew their minds to heavenly things and not be focused on temporal ones we have a chance to greatly impact this generation for Christ.  These young people are searching and ready to fight for something they believe in.  Think about it...if they focus all of their energy and abilities on furthering the kingdom of God...Wow!  It's hard to imagine.  I, for one, am ready to show them Jesus.  I will answer His call.  Will you?


Jenifer said...

Oh if we could only show them all the love of Christ! If we could get them to see and understand. How amazing it would be! I want my children, and all I can reach, to see Christ and fully put their faith in Him.

Lisa said...

I want to be a light to this dark world. May Jesus always shine through me!

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

This is a subject that Shannon and I have discussed several times lately Allison. The children today are raised in a media-driven world, with questionable examples all around them. They're so much looking for guidance and direction, and it's vital that we work to bring them to the love that only Christ can deliver. The effective methods of reaching kids today may be a little different, but like you I'm very much ready to show them Jesus!

Thank you for a wonderful post, and have a Blessed Day!

Debbie Dillon said...

Well said! I love your insight. That's a question we should all be asking ourselves.
Reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday with my daughter (16 years old), talking about a young,unmarried woman we know who has become pregnant. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief during our talk when she mentioned "that won't even happen (sex) until I'm married." Whew!

Kelli said...

Girl-- the Golden Corral is awesome! That verse and the title go perfect...we definately don't want to be like the folks up at Wal-Mart. Our pastor goes to Wal-Mart for the sermon illustrations! Anyway, I am with you. Its sad to turn the pages of a magazine to see what the world deems important. Thats why we must leave the church steps and step out into the world full of people who dont know Jesus!