Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday...

This thankful Thursday I am thankful for handprints.  Tiny, smuged handprints that I see several days a week on the doors to my son's therapy office.  I am thankful for what these handprints signify.  Hope, purpose, accomplishment, and so many other things that go on behind those doors.  Each handprint is that of a boy or girl that has walked, not been carried or wheeled, through those sacred doors...
I am also beyond thankful to the wonderful women that give of their time to my child to help him reach his full potential.  They are angels without realizing they are. 

I thank my God every time I remember you.  Phillipians 1:3

Smudged Handprints

I look out the doors that are so familiar to me,
and there are the tiniest smudged handprints for all to see.

"Clean them up!"  "Wipe them off!"  I hear them say
But wait!  Stop and think what they've meant today-

Boys and girls who've walked and pushed open wide these doors,
and entered into this place where they strive to be more.

More than this world tells them they can be-
Bigger, stronger, harder they will reach and acheive.

Each goal set before them every time they enter in
Is quickly claimed by victory and too soon they'll begin again

So stop, take a minute, sit down and get a good look
Notice the tiny smuged handprints and the effort they have took.

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Sheryl said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the reminder that when there's work caused by others, it's because others are a port of our lives.