Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Way Too Early...

Way too early for Christmas music that is!  We haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving yet!  The Halloween candy is still on my counter!  Stop and let me collect myself!!!
OK...I'm over that little rant!  But it really is too early for non-stop, all day long, same songs over and over Christmas music!  I guess hearing it at work and at the shoe store today did kinda put a little spring in my step...but I'm really not ready for it yet!  I better get over it quick because my kids tell me daily---"Mama, it's time to get ready for Christmas!"  I just want to get to Thanksgiving first though...please?
On a more serious note, it is time that we, as Christians, should be looking at how we can share the love of Christ this season.  There are numerous things you can do as a family this year to share the blessings that you have been given.
Zach's boys group at church will be adopting an 'Angel Tree' child as well as ringing the bell at the Salvation Army kettle.  I think that is them it's not all about them and the toys they want.
I'm also planning to do a shoebox with the boys for Operation Christmas Child (our local Chick-Fil-A is collecting them November 22 and I think Lifeway is also).
We'll also be giving an extra donation to our World Vision child so the sponsors in the area can go buy what he and his family need for Christmas.  Also, if you head over to Incourage you can send a card to a Compassion International child for $1.99! 
There are numerous Christmas light displays around that collect donations and give the money to charities.
This year why not make Christmas about what it really means?  The birth of Christ and the hope He represents for all mankind.  Give to someone else.  Teach your children to give to others and not to think just about themselves.
Back to the Christmas music-I really do like it-just not so soon.  I'm gonna leave you with one of my favorite songs...

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