Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Musings...

Have you ever had a mommy-moment when you wanted to go all Chuck Norris on someone else's kid?  When you want to grab them up and shake some sense in them? 
Be honest....sure you have.  It's the mama bear instinct in all of us to protect our cubs from harm, whether physical or verbal. 
I had one of those moments this weekend.  I don't even think it was a true scenario, but one made up in an over-tired mind.  Sweet Sam told me on the way home from church that 2 people in his class made fun of him.  <gasp>
This is our Sam who has Cerebral Palsy.  He fights everyday for a sense of normalcy he will never have this side of heaven.  How dare some 'normal' kid pick on my baby!!
After having the thoughts of how many ways can I hurt this child go through my mind, I ask him what they said.  He responds with, "Well, Kid A rubs my head and calls me Sam the Man."  OK-I think that's cute.  This kid see's Sam is different and is reaching out in a way they understand.  But "Kid B don't understand why I walk so crooked."  STOP MY HEART
What do you say to that?  It's unfair, I'm sorry, I'd cut my legs off if it would help yours, God made you special just the way you are, it stinks, but we're making the best of it...
I'm not sure where this came from...I don't think Kid B has said anything to Sam on purpose.  Maybe they asked the teacher or Sam himself why he walks the way he does.  Kids are curious.  When they see something they don't understand they usually ask-most of the time not in the best way!
Our school is very supportive of Sam in so many ways.  The kids are great, helpful, encouraging...this gives me hope for Sam as he grows up in a 'normal' world.
It's times like this I have to remind myself God is bigger than our circumstances.  He IS.  He could heal Sam if He wanted to.  He can also leave Sam just as He is in order to bring glory to Himself.  It's not my place to figure out His plan.  My job is to walk by faith the journey He has set before us... and that's what we'll do, one crooked step at a time.

It has taken 5 years, but Sam can do the playground
"all by myself"

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Jenifer said...

Beautiful Allison.

It breaks my heart when kids do things like this. I know it is often just lack of understanding, but it still hurts others. My daughter has a bone disease and has many tumors all over her body. Some small, some large. Some unseen without an xray, some very noticeable. While she is able to live normal (other than occasional aches and pains) she is often questioned about her "bumps." Our answer is "God made me this way on purpose for a purpose." He could heal her, we believe that will one day come. But for now, this is how her Father wants her to be.