Friday, October 12, 2012

5 Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday

The rules are simple:
1.  Write for 5 minutes flat, no editing, no scripting, just writing.
2.  Link up with the Gypsy Mama.
3.  Make sure you visit the post before and after you and leave an encouraging comment.

Today's prompt is race...Ready, set


Race, race hurry-go, go!  All the time.  Spinning in circles. 
Going nowhere, but everywhere at the same time.
Turn around, look back, look forward.  Race, race-hurry. 
Quicker, better, faster...farther, stretching, reaching....tired.
Slow down, look around, look up and down.  Rest awhile, hold His hand, let it all go...
Deeper, wider, stronger, longer is what you find
 when you stop the racing to enjoy His stillness.



Kathleen said...

This is wonderful! Great prose. So happy I stopped by. Have a wonderful weekend! Oh, and you have a beautiful family!

Denise said...

Very good post.

Jennifer Peterson said...

Lovely post

BRITNI said...


Heidi Avery said...

Yes, that's just how it goes for me too :) Great post!