Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Minute Friday

It's time for another 5 minute's the rules:

Five Minute Friday1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
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Today's topic is Welcome...


"Welcome to our home" said this Mama never.  I am not gifted with hospitality.  If there is a gathering to be had, I'm willing to travel to you-no matter how far away you live.  I confess I have the comparison disease.  I see pictures all over the net, TV, and some I've seen in-person of neat, cozy, creative dwellings. 
You won't find that at our house.  You'll find dog hair in your dinner.  You can't step two feet without stepping on a Matchbox car.  You have to move books out of the chair before you can sit down.  My floors don't shine, even when I mop them.  There are fingerprints on my door.  My laundry room has clothes in it!
"Welcome to our home" is something I can say if I'm willing to move my pride out of the way.  We live in our house, we love here.  You can put your feet on the furniture and you can come in without taking your shoes off.  That's just how we roll, if you can deal, then Welcome...



Eileen said...

Sounds like I would feel right at home, Allison!

Kim Adam said...

I love the description of your home! It sounds a lot like mine, except instead of Matchbox cars you'll find Barbies. The spiritual gift of hospitality is one my husband and I share and we have long since given up on the idea of having a perfect home before we invite others in. Your home sounds just right to me. :-)

Heidi Avery said...

I heart you Allison! I am just like you... and any time anyone was planning to come over I cleaned everything! If anyone just stopped by... they got the real me... a mess! I stopped "trying" to make it perfect because it wasn't me for one and for two... it makes other people feel bad about their own homes and I never want anyone to feel that way... especially because that's exactly how I feel when I leave someone's spectacularly perfect home :)